Saturday, May 9, 2009


Q : What's the latest thing you don't wanna talk about?
A : What am i feeling right now.

Q : What do you hate the most?
A :First Liar, Second if somebody hide a secret about me , Third Hypocrite.

Q : What makes you not in the mood?
A : If somebody tells me to do that, to do this, like they whom arrange my life. As if!

Q : What do you want to feel?
A : Happy. Of course. Especially in the mood like this.

Q : What do you want now?
A : Errr.... love? ha-ha and of course delicious meal for letting out the stress

Q : What makes you happy?
A : If there's no problems, i'd feel happy. Not like now. Family, Friends (especially the best one), Music, Great Books, Food. and after praying i do feel happy.

Q : What do you want to hope?
A : I don't want this feeling everlasting.


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