Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what am i thinking right now

Hello. It's been a long time since the last time i wrote a story. my life is kinda boring these days. Look, this is the third day i went to school but i only got a lot loooootsa work to do right now. It is sucks. Geez, those teachers sometimes do not think about their student business and feelings. But i know and i consider it cause it is an obligation to me that my last semester in my junior high is a-must-have good score. I feel like i really miss my eight grade. you know, when you're not in stress and when you're like "i got 70? okay, whatsoever i don't think about it." it's like you got 70 and the only thing that you think at that moment is that you don't do the remedy and it's a good thing.

And what about in this-last-semester-must-have-good-score?
Well IT IS a real bore when you got 70. the only thing is, that 'what am i suppose to do' so i got 90 for all the test. I really have to prepare for the UN (not United Nations but Ujian Nasional -___-). But, this laziness is pouring down all over my body and my stomach hurts.

So, please, dear friends pray for my successfulness. I'll pray for you too then, folks! :D


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

my school project

Hey There! Gue lagi di sekolah dan gue disuruh masukin presentasi gue gitu deeeh. Kalo lo mau masukin presentasi powerpoint lo juga, gue punya step2 nya loh.

1. Buka File Presentasi lo yang dalam bentuk powerpoint. Trus klik File dan klik Save As Web Page. Abis itu lo dapet file baru gt untuk internet. Klik file nya dan biarin dulu dibuka.
2. Sign In Blog lo.
3. Klik New Post trus tulis kata untuk link ke web page lo. Misalnya kata "halo" buat link nya. Drag kata halo dan klik icon link di bawah title itu lohh! Trus masukin deh URL Web Page lo.


Kalo lo mau liat presentasi gue klik aja disini okaaaaay? Thanks!


Sunday, January 4, 2009

again and again

Selamat datang 2009. dimana waktu gue untuk berkutat dengan pelajaran akan kembali. apakah aziza nabila bisa melewatinya? atau malah tidak bisa? only god knows. kita saksikan di pesan-pesan berikutnya! see ya