Wednesday, January 7, 2009

what am i thinking right now

Hello. It's been a long time since the last time i wrote a story. my life is kinda boring these days. Look, this is the third day i went to school but i only got a lot loooootsa work to do right now. It is sucks. Geez, those teachers sometimes do not think about their student business and feelings. But i know and i consider it cause it is an obligation to me that my last semester in my junior high is a-must-have good score. I feel like i really miss my eight grade. you know, when you're not in stress and when you're like "i got 70? okay, whatsoever i don't think about it." it's like you got 70 and the only thing that you think at that moment is that you don't do the remedy and it's a good thing.

And what about in this-last-semester-must-have-good-score?
Well IT IS a real bore when you got 70. the only thing is, that 'what am i suppose to do' so i got 90 for all the test. I really have to prepare for the UN (not United Nations but Ujian Nasional -___-). But, this laziness is pouring down all over my body and my stomach hurts.

So, please, dear friends pray for my successfulness. I'll pray for you too then, folks! :D


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